You're Not Weak, You're Strong At Something Else

Forgiveness Wednesday

Right before he launches the time bomb countdown, the villain reveals his big plan. The evil stepmother shows her daughter-in-law exactly how her life is going to be a living hell.

Why do they do it? Because they know in that moment, the hero is weak - and they want to make sure they remember it. Let’s twist the knife and hope they don’t get back up. But the hero always gets back up, doesn’t she?

That’s what a great story is about: Transforming weakness into strength.

The tied up cop distracts the criminal with his anger until he can break free. The daughter-in-law takes her gruesome chores with a smile. Doing so requires an epiphany. The obstacle must become the way.

The epiphany is unique to a situation and different each time, but it amounts to this:

When you feel weak at one thing, it just means you’re strong at something else.

Life is a spectrum. Nothing is black and white, and there are two sides to every coin. Weakness in one area always corresponds to strength in another.

Being bad at listening might mean being good at talking. Not having a lot of muscles equates to being nimble, fast, or flexible.

Our job is to find the one instead of focusing on the other. That’s the hero’s job.

In order to do it, we must accept the misery we’re in. Okay, fine, you got me villain, what’s next? We can forgive ourselves, be grateful it’s not worse, or channel our anger into finding a solution. The one thing we can’t do is wallow in our pain. We’ll only extend it.

Whatever the epiphany we need, we might not find it immediately, even need a little help, but as long as we commit to focusing on our strengths, we’ll always find them before the timer runs out.


About Forgiveness Wednesday: No matter how the week starts, by Wednesday, we’ve had enough time to kick ourselves. We’re human. We make mistakes, we regret them, and we blame ourselves. But the only way we can keep moving on is if we forgive ourselves and those around us. So every Wednesday, forgiveness is what we’ll practice.

Let’s be kind to ourselves so we can succeed.

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