You Can't Uncut This Corner

But you can not cut the next one

Maybe, you were in a hurry. Maybe, you were desperate for a win. Maybe, everything on that day already went wrong, so you decided to take one for yourself.

Whatever it was, you knew you were taking a shortcut when you did it. You knew that wasn’t the end of the line. You knew the right ticket would’ve been more expensive. You knew the answer you gave got you off the hook.

I get it. The world’s too big. It’s too easy. Too many opportunities. Too many corners to cut. Sooner or later, we all do. I know I have. Many times.

It feels good at first. “Ha, I got away with it!” But a little while later, it feels icky. Like a stain you can’t get off your shirt. Well…

You can’t uncut this corner. What’s done is done. But you can not cut the next one.

No matter how small they are, each of those stains stays forever. There’s nothing we can do about that. We all carry them on our backs. But if we don’t add any new ones, with time, they begin to fade.

If you wash your shirt often enough, eventually, all that’s left is a little remnant of a stain that once was. You’ll still see the outline, but you won’t remember how it got there. You’ve forgotten how to cut that particular kind of corner.

There’s no fast way to stop cutting corners. After all, being slow is what it’s all about. The only way is to be mindful of each one when you get there. That takes slowness. Deliberation. Patience. These traits are attitudes we must practice. Not just once but every day.

It’s true that the world is big. So many corners you could cut. But it’s also big enough for you to go around them. There’s always room to take the right path or forge one if you have to.

Slow down. Take it easy. Don’t hurt yourself. And remember to wash your shirt.


About Forgiveness Wednesday: No matter how the week starts, by Wednesday, we’ve had enough time to kick ourselves. We’re human. We make mistakes, we regret them, and we blame ourselves. But the only way we can keep moving on is if we forgive ourselves and those around us. So every Wednesday, forgiveness is what we’ll practice.

Let’s be kind to ourselves so we can succeed.

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