You Can Move In Any Direction

Surprise Saturday

The above image is making the rounds on Twitter and it’s tagged with the caption:

“I hope they realize she can move in any direction.”

That’s funny because, well, that looks like a chessboard and she’s the Queen. You and I aren’t. We’re not the queen, not the king, neither a rook nor a bishop and definitely no knights. Most of the time, we’re the pawns: we can move just one field at a time.

But - and this is the big difference between real life and chess - even pawns can move in any direction. We can move left, right, up, down, forward, and back.

What’s more, very few decisions are irreversible. Often, we can go back not just in space, but in time. What if you called your playground buddy? What if you messaged your first love? They won’t be the same, but you can still try to pick back up.

The same holds true in business. If your product sucks, you can stop selling it. If the project doesn’t work, shut it down. And if the job is not for you, go find another one.

When you think about your options, life may look like a fenced off highway lane. But it never is. It’s a chessboard. And you’re standing right in the middle. You can’t jump to the end of the board and you may only move slowly, one field at a time.

But you can move in any direction. Which one will you choose?


About Surprise Saturday: In the long run, the only good pattern breaking our patterns. That’s why, every once in a while, we need a shock to the system. An unexpected idea. A creative surprise. That’s what we’ll unwrap every Saturday.

Picasso said he didn’t seek. He just found. Let’s keep exploring.

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