We raised $355 for charity!


I just wanted to give you a brief update of our little Camp Bruce Lee donation campaign that ended on Sunday.

The final tally waaaaaaas *drum roll* $330 - which is more than one full scholarship for a child to attend Camp Bruce Lee this year - hi-yaaaa!!

We even inspired some readers to donate on their own, like Jeff, who gave $5, and John, who threw in $25 through me. Here’s proof of the transaction I just sent:

1 in 3 kids can go to the camp thanks to donations, and a scholarship covers the full week of martial arts lessons, philosophy exercises, and confidence training.

“We want as many kids as possible to be able to experience Bruce Lee’s life and legacy regardless of affordability. Bruce Lee’s message is for everyone!”

If you feel inspired to make your own donation, you can do that here.

Right now, I just want to say: Thank you for being a part of this.

Whether you signed up to Empty Your Cup as part of the campaign, have donated a small sum on your own, or even just want Bruce Lee’s message to reach more people, you’ve helped make this possible.

Let’s do it again soon!


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