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Let's help kids live a balanced life

In my first semester in college, I found out about e-fellows. It was a tiny little scholarship program.

My friends and I all got in (I think almost everyone did). The main benefit was one year of free access to “Handelsblatt” a famous German economic newspaper.

In that newspaper, I found out about a talk by legendary commodities investor Jim Rogers. If you were a student, it was free to attend. So me and my best friend went.

I learned a lot from that talk. One thing was that Singapore was a rising nation, Jim had just moved there. I thought: “Maybe I should go to Singapore.”

Later that year, I applied for a scholarship to study abroad there. I didn’t get it. But I did get a scholarship to study in Massachusetts in the USA. The time I spent there changed everything. I decided to do my own thing, to be a writer, really, back then.

What’s the point? Free access to education can change a person’s life.

I got a free, mind-altering college experience from a free talk from a free newspaper, none of which I could’ve afforded on my own. But without that one newspaper, you wouldn’t read these words today.

It’s crazy to me that, in just over two weeks, Empty Your Cup has become the top 5 free publication on Substack. We’re over 1,000 subscribers now! Thank you!

It’s been a long time since I read that newspaper. Now, I’m lucky enough to be able to afford it. So, to celebrate how far we’ve come, I’d like to hand out some of my own.

That’s why I will donate $1 to the Bruce Lee Foundation for every person who signs up to Empty Your Cup between now and next Sunday.

Basically, that means every friend you tell about this, every person you bring on board, is another dollar donated. If there ever was a time to spread the word, it’s now!

Simply forward them one of our emails or send them here:


I’m reserving up to $1,000 for this. Bring it on! What will the money go to specifically?

Camp Bruce Lee helps kids find self-awareness, balance, and confidence. It’s a full week of martial arts lessons, philosophy, games, outdoor activities and learning to work together. 1 in 3 children attending the camp can go thanks to a scholarship.

You can learn more about Camp Bruce Lee here. I know it’s a small cause, very local and specific, but I think that’s exactly why it’s powerful.

If we raise $1,000, we can provide 3 scholarships. That’s 3 kids whose lives might change forever. 3 kids getting a shot like I got mine (and maybe you got yours one day).

One of the many things they do in the camp is to teach children the tea ceremony. Like you and I, they will learn to empty their cup. And maybe it’ll start a lifelong practice.

Not bad for one free newspaper, if you ask me.

“Remember, the usefulness of a cup is in its emptiness.” - Bruce Lee


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