Wake Up Slowly

Control your mornings, control your life

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? It’s a hard question.

After all, we barely remember the process of leaving the land of sleep. True, there is always a first thing you remember, but it’s not always the first thing you actually did.

Sometimes, I still remember my dream. Sometimes, I don’t. Often, I’ll turn from side to side. Open my eyes. Glance through the blinds. Is the sun up yet?

Sadly, most people don’t have time for any of this. They wake up with a hard alarm. Which, of course, makes them alarmed. Jump out of bed, rush into the shower, faster, faster, get to the fire truck! That’s not good. I hope you’ll find a way out.

I use an app called Sleep Cycle. It wakes me up gently when I’m already close to. I don’t snooze, but I take my time. Drink a full glass of water. Stretch. Open the window. Brush my teeth. Two minutes! I do some exercise and I journal. Then take a shower.

All in all, my morning routine takes a good 60 minutes - and it’s worth every one.

I want to leave the house calm. Energized. Prepared. Healthy. Ready. Even if it takes a while, I never regret it. Because I feel like I already won the day at 7:00 AM.

Maybe, you’ll have to sleep earlier to make room for this. Maybe, you can’t yet work on your own schedule. I hope, one day, you will.

But until then, just know, you can always wake up slowly. You’re in charge. Take control of your mornings and, soon, you’ll control your entire life.


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