The Difference Between A King & A Hero

Nicole Kidman, Temuera Morrison, Tamor Kirkwood, and Tainui Kirkwood in Aquaman (2018)

I just watched Aquaman. As you would expect from the title, it’s a movie about the supernatural. About secret societies, impossible technology, and long-lost legends.

But - and this struck me - most of all, it’s a movie about two brothers being separated from their mother. Physically, temporally, psychologically. It’s a movie about family.

It reminded me of Sheree McDonald’s story. After she got a divorce, her ex fell in love with a younger woman, but she was also very kind to their son. Sheree was jealous.

One day, the woman saved her son’s life and he was anxious to talk to his mommy. What Sheree learned was that, just because her relationship had failed, that didn’t mean her family had too. To the contrary - it had expanded. But only if she accepted it.

The movie is about that part too. When the family is finally reunited, Aquaman finds his true destiny. Here’s the line that stuck with me the most:

“A king fights only for his nation, a hero fights for everyone.”

Today is Mother’s Day. I have a great mom. I love her very much. I don’t know if you’re as lucky, but I know you too have a mother. And, like you, she’s here for a reason.

Maybe, all you have to do is say thanks. Maybe, you have to learn to move on. But whatever the lesson, it’s meant to help us become better. Better sons, better parents, better queens, better brothers.

Don’t look at your relationships through a telescope. You’ll see only the tip of the iceberg. Open your eyes. Take in everything. What’s possible? What’s right?

It takes only one person to raise a king. But a hero? Heroes are raised by families.


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