The 5 Qualities of Emotionally Mature People

We all grow, but not everyone grows up

We all have that one family member who's hard to be around. Often, it's because they seem unreasonable, but the truth is, they may have never developed something we think comes natural to us: emotional maturity.

Unlike physical development, emotional ripeness isn’t something we just “pick up” as we get older. We have to cultivate it. Deliberately. That can take a long time, but it’s an effort we expect people to make.

When children act out, we show them how to calm down and analyze their emotions. When adults do the same, we just shake our head - they should have learned this when they were younger.

The sad reality, however, is that many people never learn to process their feelings, despite it being one of the most crucial skills in living a good life.

I don’t want you and I to be one of those people. I want us to do better. That’s why I’ve been working on an article called…

The 5 Qualities of Emotionally Mature People

The piece highlights five qualities we should cultivate in order to not let our emotions rule our lives. You can use it as a test to see which ones you already have, as well as a guide and reminder.

I hope it’ll help you find the emotional maturity we need to form lasting, rewarding, beautiful relationships.

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