Slow Down Sunday: Slingshot Living

David beat Goliath with nothing but a slingshot and a handful of stones. He aimed, stretched the band, and, at the point of maximum force, he let go.

Hitting the giant right between the eyes, this one, targeted surge of momentum was enough to move David’s biggest obstacle out of the way - literally.

We think living a balanced life means bringing different aspects to certain levels and then maintaining them consistently. But that’s only one way, and it’s actually the most unrealistic of them all. There’s no room for chance in there. No space for luck. Let alone unforeseen adversity.

Another way to find balance is to master your slingshot. With a slingshot, you can’t keep the band half-stretched all the time. You’ll waste all of your energy being prepared, but never actually firing. Never releasing the momentum in a targeted direction.

It takes time to learn how to do this. It’s not as descriptive as, “maintain the same routine.” But it’s a much better fit for the chaotic nature of life.

Sometimes, you’ll keep the band stretched at maximum capacity for too long. You work and work and work, but, before you reach your goal, it slips from your hands. Oops! Now, you have to take a step back. Slow down. Recover. Then, you expand again.

Sometimes, you lay down your slingshot. Take it easy. Relax. No goals in sights, no projects to tackle. But then you realize, aimlessness is getting to you. So it’s time to pick it up again.

And sometimes, you pull off the perfect shot. You pull, you aim, you release the momentum, and, boom, you nailed it. Right between the eyes. The obstacle is gone.

Don’t be so prescriptive with yourself. Adapt. Stay flexible. It’s your best trait as a human.

You’re not Goliath. You’re not big or strong or a battle machine. But you’re also not blunt, lethargic, or inflexible.

You’re David. You’re awesome. And all you need to climb the highest mountain is a slingshot and a handful of stones.


PS: There is a great book by Malcolm Gladwell called David and Goliath, which tells many stories of underdogs who won when the odds were stacked against them. I wrote a free summary of it here.

About Slow Down Sunday: Life is fast. If we don’t stop and turn around once in a while, we might miss it. So on Sunday, let’s stop and turn around.

Let’s slow down so we can experience all of life - not just parts of it.

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