Slow Down Sunday: Release Your Grip

My dad is a chemist. He has very steady hands. He can easily pour a dangerous liquid from one test tube into another, screw a tiny nut onto a bolt, or clean an iPhone connector with a safety pin.

Me? Not so much. Even without any coffee, my hands are always a bit shaky. That means I’m neither good nor patient with any work that needs fiddling. I’m more of the “if it doesn’t fit, I’ll bang it into shape” variety. Of course, often, that doesn’t work.

One time, I tried to open a metal piggy bank. You had to break it, but I ended up scrunching it together - and tearing all the bills into tiny pieces. I got the money back but, clearly, a more careful approach would have been better.

I take Vitamin C every day. A few months ago, as I was hopelessly trying to get the pill out of the tiny can, it hit me: What if I just let go?

I loosened my grip a little and voilà, the pill slid right into my hand. Now, every time I’m fidgeting with something, I try to remember that lesson. What if I just let go?

We don’t need to bang things into shape. If we give them a little room, they’ll fall right where they need to be. But if our grip is too tight, they lack the very space to do so.

Maybe you’re excellent with detail work. Maybe you’re more like me.

Whichever it is, chances are, you can just let go - and life will fall into place.


About Slow Down Sunday: Life is fast. If we don’t stop and turn around once in a while, we might miss it. So on Sunday, let’s stop and turn around.

Let’s slow down so we can experience all of life - not just parts of it.

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