If Confucius Were Alive Today

Your brain is like a muscle. At any given moment, it's either growing or deteriorating. You can't just keep it in the same state. If you're not exercising your mind, it'll atrophy.

You won't just stop making progress, it'll start to reverse.

So even if it's just a little, make sure you squeeze it every day. Do the crossword. Learn a new phrase. Look up the lyrics of a song. Watch an interview.

If Confucius were alive today, he’d say:

It matters not how slowly you learn, as long as you do not stop.

We tend to give people compliments only for transformations we can see.

“You lost weight.”

“Nice shirt.”

“So good to see you smiling.”

But if someone upgrades their mind? Now damn, that's worth some champagne.

At least until tomorrow. I’ll be here. How about you?


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