Gratituesday: The Circle of Life

The Old Northern Graveyard. It’s a cemetery, but not a place of death. Children are playing. Couples running laps. A group of students is having a picnic on the green.

The air is colder in here. Fresh. Loaded with oxygen. It’s an oasis, sitting right in the middle of a busy quarter. It’s quiet. Many are reading. Stone paths are winding through the grass. The world belongs to explorers.

Names, names, so many names. Director of Commerce. Countess of old. Generations of titles long gone, battles won and lost. They have their place here. They’re at home. You can feel it.

On my way out, I can see them. They’re running. The mother catches her son. “You’re fast. Well done!” They fall into a slow walk.

When I pass them, the son has stopped. He’s examining a tombstone. Playing with it. Sharing his thoughts. Grotesque? No. Not at all. I pass the mother. She smiles. “Come on! Let’s go.”

The park is square. Surrounded by stone walls, trees reaching 80, 90, 100 feet. You walk in, the world shuts off. You disappear for a while. But when you emerge, you have new energy. More than that. A different perspective.

You just spent time in the circle of life.


About Gratituesday: By Tuesday, we're deep into thinking about what we seek. That's why it's a great day to remember what we already found. Gratitude has many benefits, but, mostly, it's an exercise in shifting our perspective. Instead of focusing on what's missing, we can focus on what we have.

And we'll be much calmer for it.

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