Gratituesday: Enjoy The Speed Of Youth

The man rides his bike. It’s a special construction. Two large support wheels in the back. He pedals slowly. By the time he’s completed a full, circular motion, several people have passed him on the sidewalk.

And yet, elegantly, he hovers along. Floating in a sea of busy bees, without a care in the world. He stops right in front of the store. Just as slowly as he arrived, he gets off the saddle. The sliding doors open, and he disappears.

Whenever I see an old person in a crowd of people, I try to observe. Sometimes, their conduct is majestic. At other times, it’s pitiful and worth sympathizing with. But what it always is is slower than the average.

And every time I see it, I think to myself: In the blink of an eye, that could be me. Some people manage to stay pretty sharp in their old age. Even physically fit. But speed? That is the great birth right of youth.

An old man can’t outrun a young one. An old woman can’t knit faster than her younger self. This is nature. The way it’s supposed to be. But I guarantee you, we’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Life passes by pretty fast. Enjoy the speed of youth. Make the most of it. But don’t let it fool you: Nothing lasts forever. Be grateful for your days without training wheels.


About Gratituesday: By Tuesday, we're deep into thinking about what we seek. That's why it's a great day to remember what we already found. Gratitude has many benefits, but, mostly, it's an exercise in shifting our perspective. Instead of focusing on what's missing, we can focus on what we have.

And we'll be much calmer for it.

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