Forgiveness Wednesday: The Confession

“Aren't you supposed to ask me that after we started?”

“We have started. Have a seat.”


“Why not? Confession's meant to be good for the soul and no one's ever said anything about it having to be done in a little dark box.”

When Mike Ross goes to his former pastor and teacher to tell him about his crimes, the priest reacts surprisingly…human. Completely unbound by religious conventions. I’m not sure why he does it, but it’s refreshing.

Maybe, it’s because he knows Mike isn’t religious, and it’ll take a human, not a priest, to help him. But Mike doesn’t really seem to want advice. He wants forgiveness. Without regret, however, Father Walker can’t give it to him. So he keeps digging.

Eventually, Mike gets angry. He’s upset. He gets up. He wants to leave.

But Father Walker just keeps asking the same question, over and over again:

“Why are you here?”

And with each new fake answer, Mike’s armor takes another blow. Until it cracks.


He slumps. From here on out, he’ll be a puddle of sorrow. But that’s what it took for Father Walker to be able to build him back up.

In our own lives, we may not always have someone to confess to and we may not all want to go to church. But we can all relate to this scene: Before we face what’s really going on, the healing process can’t begin.

Often, “because I’m afraid” is a big part of the answer, if not all of it. We’re afraid of being found out, of being left alone, of failing in public and being laughed at. Few of these things ever happen, but our fears are still real.

Like Father Walker, I can’t offer any reassurance. It’s tough. Some things you have to face and bear alone. What I can say is that, no matter how afraid you might be, the person in the mirror is still worth loving. Even if you’re just telling yourself.

That’s all you need to confess, really. A quiet moment in your mind. Confession is good for the soul. You can do it anywhere, any time. You’ve started already.

What would you like to say?


About Forgiveness Wednesday: No matter how the week starts, by Wednesday, we’ve had enough time to kick ourselves. We’re human. We make mistakes, we regret them, and we blame ourselves. But the only way we can keep moving on is if we forgive ourselves and those around us. So every Wednesday, forgiveness is what we’ll practice.

Let’s be kind to ourselves so we can succeed.

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