Finding Yourself Won’t Make You Happy

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten really good at being alone. I live alone, work alone, sleep alone. I’ve learned a lot about confidence, loving myself, and having no regrets.

Life starts from the inside. Always. Managing your inside is important. But now I must turn this back outside. Return to the world. Learn to share.

Love, trust, contentment, these all start alone, but then they have to grow - and that requires engaging with others.

How can you share your self-love with others? How can you extend your faith in yourself to others? How can you spread your energy among others?

Finding yourself won’t make you happy. At least not on its own. True joy requires sharing what we find on our journeys into the depths of our souls. Because happiness must be shared in order to multiply.

Seeing our truth isn’t enough. We must live it. That’s a job that lasts a lifetime.

So change your habits, but let them serve something larger. Find a purpose, but fit it to something larger. Live your truth, but live as part of something larger.

Dive into yourself. May life flow from the inside. But do it with an open heart. Allow happiness to visit. Don’t forget the second half. Don’t forget…

…to engage with all of us.


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