All You Have To Do Is Count To 10

I did 40 push-ups this morning. I really didn’t want to. I was tired. Not in the mood to exercise at all.

But I did it anyway. What helped me was this little trick:

When I reached 30 push-ups, I reset the counter in my head.


“Now, all I have to do is count to 10!”




Before I knew it, I hit 40.

When you’re doing a task you don’t want to do, but know will have positive consequences, focusing on the finish line can help increase your willpower.

Sometimes, however, what you need to pull through isn’t the look back at how far you’ve come, but the lightness of being a beginner. The ease of starting fresh.

Starting at zero clears your mind. There’s no room to contemplate hardships, the difficulties past and ahead, or the complexity of what you’ve done so far.

All there is is a wide, open road. And so, naturally, you’ll start driving.

Whatever you’ll set out to accomplish today, when the going gets tough, don’t try to whip yourself over the finish line.

Just reset the clock. Get a fresh mental start. And then count to 10.


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