A Great Day To Forgive Yourself

It's not just healthy, it's productive

7:29 AM. The train starts rolling a minute late.

Half the city is still asleep, but I have already seen a thousand people. They’ve passed me in cars, on the street, inside the station.

Old people, young people, sad people, happy people, tired people, excited people. People with hats, people in suits, people going to the gym. Someone who just got dumped, someone who just found $20, someone who’s never been here before.

They’re all so different. And yet, something unites them and you and me: regrets.

We all have those, don’t we? Like people, our regrets may also differ in shape and size, but we each have our own little set that we carry around. Big ones, small ones, regrets from the past and from 15 minutes ago.

I regret not sleeping earlier yesterday. Spent too much time on my phone.

I regret not sticking with my Youtube channel back in 2006.

Imagine you could see people’s last regret displayed over heir head as you walk by. Wouldn’t that make us feel a lot better? “Oh my god, she regrets that too! I’m not alone!”

Well, you’re never alone with your regrets. Right now, somewhere on this blue planet, someone regrets the exact same thing you do. But it’s not helping either of you.

When you drag your past mistakes into the present, you’re twisting reality. You’re projecting negative attitudes onto yourself that are not there. It’s okay to let them go.

The only way to live a good life is to relentlessly forgive yourself.

Always and for everything. The sooner, the better. You can’t learn anything before you do. Can’t improve, can’t move forward. Forgiveness isn’t just healthy, it’s productive.

Maybe, you’re already running late today. Maybe, you disappointed your boss on Monday. Maybe, you know you won’t meet the next deadline. That’s okay.

You’ll find your way. Just like thousands of people every day, boarding the right train.

Wednesday. What a great day to forgive yourself.


PS: I don’t want to pile on too many weekly themes inside Empty Your Cup too soon, but what do you think about a “Forgiveness Wednesday?” Feels like an important one.

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