7 Thoughts to Calm Yourself Down in Tough Situations

I call this "restful thinking"

Last week, the revenue of my website dropped 65%. It’s a train wreck. I have server costs, marketing costs, and a full-time partner to pay. In what I’d like to think was true Bruce Lee fashion, however, I quickly regained my composure.

I didn’t drop everything and frantically attack the problem, but I took some time to gather my thoughts, and it allowed me to recollect myself fast. Then, I was able to brainstorm ideas, make some adjustments, and even create fallback plans.

After losing thousands of dollars, I went from “Holy crap, my house is on fire” to “This sucks, but I’ve got this” - all in a single day.

Calm in the midst of chaos may look like a character trait, but it is a skill. You can learn this skill, but it takes emotional labor to do so. 

The way you form an unshakeable sense of quiet is with “restful thinking.” Restful thinking means getting yourself into a calmer, more capable state first.

Instead of giving in to your emotions or spinning in mental circles, you focus on certain thoughts over others so you can then resolve the situation more quickly and efficiently. You make sure you maintain your mental health, then deal with the problem rationally.

Learn Restful Thinking

To practice this, I jump to certain thoughts in moments of crisis. Here are seven of them you can use to calm yourself down when the going gets tough.

  1. Insomnia: “I can’t sleep, but I can still recover.”

  2. Pressure: “I don’t need to think to exist.”

  3. Helplessness: “I don’t need the answer right now.”

  4. Doubt: “If this doesn’t work, what’s the next thing I can try?”

  5. Fear: “Who needs you to see this through?”

  6. Emotional pain: “This feels bad, but I don’t have to react right now.”

  7. Impostor syndrome: “I love myself.”

For a more thorough explanation of each of them, check out the post on Medium:

Restful Thinking: 7 Lines to Calm Yourself in Tough Situations

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