6 Paradoxic Truths of Life

Turning obstacles into advantages, thanks to a painting from 1961


Nik here with a weekend read for you. It's inspired by the first painting I can remember: Waterfall by M.C. Escher. Escher was famous for his optical illusion paintings, and I spent hours staring at this particular one.

Thinking back to it, I can spot a valuable lesson: Just because we can’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s not there by design.

Life is full of paradoxes. Little inconsistencies we rack our brain about. But what if they're not puzzles? What if they're just tools? Tiny helpers to make our lives easier by giving us more options to form and change our perspective.

That's how I like to see paradoxes now: A way to turn obstacles into advantages.

In the essay, I share six of them that can give you a sense of calm, acceptance, and empowerment. Hence, the post is called 6 Paradoxic Truths of Life.

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If you liked The 7 Cardinal Rules of Life, I think you'll enjoy this one as well. If the paradoxes make you feel calmer and provide a sense of ease on this beautiful Sunday, you can add up to 50 claps and share it with a friend. 👏🏻

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